Welcome To LoyalBonus: The Platform Where Loyalty Is Rewarded!

The LoyalBonus platform is the first one-stop platform to get local loyalty and e-commerce deals that can be delivered to doorsteps all around Nigeria.  We are actively working towards being a one-stop e-commerce marketplace that caters to the shopping needs of Nigerians and Africans at large.

With our platform, businesses can set up their online stores within minutes and without having to pay handsomely for their own websites.

LoyalBonus also give service providers the opportunity to showcase their range of products to thousands of Nigerians in their locality for free.

Sellers can set up their online stores within minutes via our easy-to-use online platform.

Our platform is easy-to-use and our customer satisfaction team is committed to resolving issues fast for all categories of customers.

Our Service Offerings

WE offer our services to the categories of customers below:

1.    BUYERS

One-stop e-commerce platform for fashion, groceries, home and office appliances, stationery, automobiles, building materials and more. Buyers can shop from the convenience of their homes, schools and offices and get their order delivered to their doorstep within 24 hours (Lagos residents only) or 72 hours in order parts of the country


A large base of stores, outlets and service providers to get discounts and loyalty gifts from within whatever location they are within Nigeria.  Subscribers using the LoyalBonus mobile app get prompts when they are in the vicinity of businesses that offer discounts on the platform. Subscribers also get push notifications to ensure they never miss a special offer!


An online platform to showcase and sell products to a large market of Nigerians with zero maintenance fee and no advertising cost.  Vendors do not also have to leave their business locations to ship or deliver orders personally or through logistics companies. 

We have partnered with DHL to make order delivery seamless.  We operate a door-to-door delivery model. 

Ordered items are picked up from vendor’s home or business location at no extra cost and delivered directly to the buyer.


An online platform through which people can learn about their products and services, find their businesses and manage their loyalty programs with zero maintenance fees, zero commission and zero advertising cost.

Loyalty Discounts/Bonuses

Our loyalty system is designed to keep customers coming back!

Businesses/Service Providers on the LoyalBonus platform are required to offer a minimum of 5% discount of the total value of each product/service as a discount on each transaction.

After a specified number of transactions from a unique customer, your business will be required to give a special bonus to the customer.  The bonus can either be further discount on product(s)/services or a special gift

Our Value Proposition

Businesses on our loyalty platform get the following benefits at no cost:

  1.         Visibility to thousands of subscribers across Nigeria
  2.         Drive sales and traffic to store’s offline location through push notifications on our mobile application and newsletter.
  3.         Easy-to-manage platform for customer loyalty programmes.
  4.         Free loyalty platform to keep customers coming back!

Our reward program offers a unique way for businesses to track their most loyal customers and reward them with discounts and bonuses. It’s a win-win proposition between businesses and their loyal customers.

What Do Customers Want?

E-commerce Marketplace

Our e-commerce platform boasts of the best prices on gadgets, home and office furniture and appliances, fashion etc.  We work with our vendors to ensure quality and affordable items are up for sale to the delight of our subscribers.

Our vendors have a large market with our thousands of subscribers nationwide and are advertised via our online newsletter platform, and social media channels. We are the only e-commerce platform that offers cashback to buyers on every purchase!

Our Value Proposition

Businesses registered on the e-commerce side of our platform enjoy the following:

  1. Visibility to thousands of subscribers across Nigeria
  2. Drive sales and traffic to store’s online location through push notifications on loyalbonus mobile applications, newsletters to LoyalBonus’ subscriber base.
  3. Easy-to-manage backend for store owners
  4. No registration or subscription fees; commission charged on items sold only
  5. Dedicated satisfaction team to help out with your store’s processes

Our Platform

Our easy-to-use platform can be accessed through the web and our mobile applications which are available in Google PlayStore and iOs AppStore. Our web platform is also responsive across operating systems and browsers.






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