Top Fashion Bloggers in Nigeria to Follow in 2018

Want the latest fashion news, trends, tips and information at your fingertips?

Then this list of top fashion bloggers in Nigeria is a must have.

Over the centuries, fashion has been on the upward trend and keeping up with the latest happenings in the fashion world can be a daunting task if you do not know where to look.

To help you solve this challenge, we bring you the top dynamic fashion bloggers ruling the Nigerian blogosphere

 1. Black Fabulousity

This site prides itself on running a blog with a focus on fashion, Art, and photography works. operated from Lagos, Nigeria is identified as authentic, different, and unconventional.

The website is home for people with interests in fashion, art and photography.  Check out their social handles here.

Instagram: @blackfabulousity


2. Cassie Davies

Cassandra Ikegbune popularly known as Cassie Davies is a medical doctor, creative entrepreneur and award winning fashion blogger. Her fashion and lifestyle blog focuses on life and style, fashion, other things that inspire her such as Lagos living and reader spotlight among others.



3. Akin Faminu

Akin Faminu is a medical Doctor turned fashion blogger as well. He is a well-known fashion stylist with an underlying passion for creativity and Artistic creativity. He runs the online fashion journal where he showcases different fashion styles.

Instragram: @akinfaminu

Twitter: @akinfaminu

 4. Thealmachronicle           

All the way from Canada, is an ever-growing style blog that continues to gain worthy readership & recognition worldwide for its sophisticated and classic style content from Nigeria readers for showcasing the best from different cultures.

 Alma Rex Ezonfade is always on the lookout with a camera to photograph beautiful locations as beauty is seen as we walk by nature.



5. Ifeanyi Okafor Jr

A super men's style fashion blogger having his work at where he blogs about the latest trends in fashion.


6. Toyosi Gregory-Jonah

Toyosi Gregory-Jonah is a fashion blogger with a good grasp in fitness as staying healthy is her lifestyle.

She blogs at Toyosi Gregory where she documents his personal style, product review, and fitness struggles among other topics that are of interest to her.

She is a great example of a mumprenuer who has found a blend and hopefully having fun at the same time.


7. The Dee Mako

If you’ve got your fashion sense from your mom as you grow up, then you’re in the same company as Dee Mako. Dee got his fashion sense from his mom asides the opportunity of using her voice.

DeeMako is a one stop place for inspiration for fashion no matter your budget as you have a bargain hunter as your hold-hand.

Instagram: @dee_mako


8. Desirée Iyama

Desirée Iyama’s inspiration is drawn from Western influences with an emphasis on sharp tailoring, clean silhouettes and attention to detail.

Desireeiyama is a contemporary women’s wear brand, founded in 2016, serving as a way to bring sophisticated and feminine, yet playful and effortless style to fashion lovers.



9. ForStyleSake

ForStyleSake is run by 2 sisters Salewa and Segi with a focus to be the premier online fashion destination for African fashion enthusiasts who want to build their own style repertoire and at the same time interested in discovering awesome Nigerian/African fashion brands.

Whenevr you want to see the best fashion in the world, Forstylesake won’t disappoint you.




When looking for a beauty and style entrepreneur, I AM DODOS is your candidate. I AM DODOS is passionate about sharing the love for fashion, makeup, and beauty with people through her blog and social media channels.

Real beauty starts from within and one of the best ways to show this is by contributing to other people’s lives, bringing timely hacks, tips, and tutorials to her audience brings a little bit of happiness, beauty, and sunshine.

Instagram: @iamdodos_style


12. Velma Williams

Fashion Rehab was founded by Velma Williams who is a plus-size woman with a flare and love for fashion.  The blog caters to women who love Fashion and focuses on inspiring plus-size women to embrace their bodies and look fabulous while living their lives.

Twitter:  @infashionrehab

There you have it. The list of top fashion bloggers in Nigeria to follow in 2018. If you think we missed a beat, we love to hear from you @loyalbonus

Now over to you. Which of these fashion blogger is your favourite and why? We love to hear from you in the comment below or through our twitter handle.

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11/1/2018 11:27 PM
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