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Apple iPad Air 2 - 64GB

220,000.00 (NGN) 231,000.00 (NGN)

Digital Headphone

3,500.00 (NGN) 5,000.00 (NGN)

Dtek 60

140,000.00 (NGN) 148,500.00 (NGN)

Freetel Ice 2

16,500.00 (NGN)

Freetel Ice 2 Plus

27,500.00 (NGN) 29,000.00 (NGN)

Freetel Ice 3

30,500.00 (NGN)

Freetel ICE 3

28,500.00 (NGN)


11,000.00 (NGN)


67,500.00 (NGN)

We all communicate as soon as we open our eyes every day till we sleep at night. We are entertained in the process of communication as our day goes by. This led to the influx of mobile phones and other mobile devices that aids communication from android phones, to windows phones, to the IOS phones.

Loyalbonus offers a wide range of Android smartphones with their peripherals such as memory cards which enable you to make more out of these mobile devices.

For the latest mobile phones that enable you to work, relate to friends, and connect anywhere you are, check out LoyalBonus. phones from your favorite brands such as  Microsoft, Samsung, Apple phones, HTC, InfinixTecno phones, Innjoo, Nokia, Fero mobile are all available are the best possible price in Nigeria. We beat all at prices and quality of products.

For you if you are into entertainment and little of business, you are definitely not left out as our modern phones come with powerful inbuilt cameras that can capture clear images in high definition so when your friends are taking all the selfies for the “looking good” moment, the sound system also booms and it oozes out the sound of your selected tracks from your favourite artists, it's all a bring along to the party.

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