Eleanor Lambert in 1943 launched the first New York Fashion Week known at the time as Prerss Week. Eleanor was the press director of the American fashion industry’s first promotional organization, the New York Dress Institute.

The first edition was called Press Week, which happened to be the first organized fashion week ever, and the aim of Eleanor was to gain attention and drive eyes away from French fashion during World War II because fashion industry insiders were unable to attend the shows in Paris.

The event was meant to get fashion journalists to showcase American designers who had neglected in spite of their fashion innovations.

The Press Week was successful, gaining the attention fashion magazines like Vogue, which were normally filled with French designs, started featuring American fashion and designs.

With the success of this event, from 1950s it was then tagged "Press week of New York".

It became a citywide event known as New York Fashion Week in 1993, being staged in clusters of white tents in Bryant Park.

The New York Fashion Week is held twice a year, February and September, lasting 7 to 9 days per time where international fashion collections are displayed to buyers, investors, the press and the general public.

The Olympus Fashion Week New York, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York, MADE Fashion Week and many others are some of the branded events.

The management of Fashion week online collaborate with IMG and FTL Moda to organize and produce this event.

Admission to shows at New York Fashion Week is typically in the form of accreditation, with specific events by invitation only.


1. Before 1943, American did not have her own established fashion industry as it mainly reproduce items form French fashion houses. This French fashion houses were shut down in 1941 during WWII, this led to the first fashion week and initiation of New York Dress Institute which was funded by royalties received by International Ladies Garment Workers Union.

2. Publicist, Eleanor Lambert reasoned that the best means to promote American fashion was to promote designers, so the first Annual fashion press week was held on July 19, 1943.

3. The first show stole the attention of the Press and journalists and editors were flown in from around America.

4. The 1966 show was hosted by Halston at Bergdorf Goodman gave models the freedom to walk down the runway. This model was revisited by Perry Ellis in 1970 where he showed off his collection. The runway show continues today.

5. During The show in1991, an accident occurred when the roof of the venue cave in crumbling onto the head of popular fashion critic Suzy Menke’s, and almost killing model Anna Bayle. This event didn’t stop the show.

6. The NYFS was not taken seriously for about 50 years. It became a powerhouse in 1993 when special tents at Bryant Park were used. The venue elevated American fashion and make it a household name. it drew massive attention gaining it the required recognition it deserves.

7. In 1998, Helmut Lang moved his headquarters to New York. He decided to show his collection there in September and February, before the other European Fashion Weeks. Donna Karan and Calvin Klein followed, along with the rest of players in the industry.

8. The show held at the Lincoln center made it possible for people to walk around making it easier for street-style photography posing.

This are a few of the interesting facts about the legacy of New York Fashion Week

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