How to Shop Online 2018 - The Complete Guide to Online Shopping

E-commerce has come to stay.

From Amazon to E-bay and LoyalBonus, you have the best options for shopping online.

This is for many reasons including the fact that shopping online is so much easier. Technological advancements have made a lot of things that used to be analogue easier to do.

The limitations that accompanied getting a lot done is no longer there because now, you can comfortably sit in your bedroom and have a discussion with someone in another country.

In the same vein, going to the traditional markets is now losing fashion because with a phone or laptop and internet connection, you can buy whatever you want to buy anytime of the day. However, like everything, there are steps that one must follow.

Everything has a pro and con. With the traditional market, you have the privilege of seeing what you want to buy and even trying it on. But that luxury is not available with e-commerce, so it calls for more vigilance and being more informed, so you don’t lose morning

What Is Online Shopping?

Online shopping is simply shopping using the internet or buying from e-markets as against the traditional market.

Most traditional stores have an e-market now because they understand they have to keep up with the times or they will be left behind. So while you have to visit a physical location with a traditional market or store to get what you need, you don’t need to visit a physical place to shop online.  

How Do You Pay For Things Online

Because buying online is different from buying from a traditional market, payment is also done differently.

Cybercrime is always a fear of paying online because they will be dropping their card information online and it could sometimes, fall into the wrong hands. So it is important to know the different ways to pay for things online as well as other information about them as relating to safety.

  • One way to pay online is through credit cards. Credit cards are pretty safe, even though they are not used in some countries yet. With the credit card, you can buy whatever you want online and pay for them when the billing is sent to you. If for any reason your information was breached and someone somewhere used your credit card, then you can quickly report the situation and be free from the cost or at least, not much. You will, however, need to act quickly if you don’t want to incur the cost of goods you did not buy or use. To reduce being a victim, you can have another credit card for buying online and monitor the purchases on that particular card but generally, you should indeed monitor your spending.
  • Another way to pay online is through the debit card. Unlike the credit card, the debit card removes money from your account directly and you wouldn’t need to apply like you would need to do for the credit card. The disadvantage of a debit card is the fact that money is used directly from your bank account, so if your information falls into the wrong hands, they will be able to use the card and use the money in your account for their purchases. Luckily though, you can set up alerts for the card, so you get alerted by the bank any time there is a debit. With this option, you can immediately monitor your spending.
  • Payment services are another way to pay online. Paypal, for instance, is a very popular third-party payment service. Instead of giving every website your information, you can simply give them your Paypal information after you have registered and given Paypal your card information, so it reduces the number of places where you have to input your information. The downside is that if there is a dispute with a seller, your accounts can get frozen till the air is cleared. That is why most people use their credit card as a source for purchases instead.

How Do You Order Online?

  • Create an account with the online store.
  • Search for the product and choose desired product.
  • Go to my cart and check out. The item will be included to your cart. From where, you will enter your address and be required to pay using your desired payment option.
  • Select pick up option; maybe ship to home or go to a pick up centre
  • Then you wait for your product.

Steps Involved In Online Shopping

For people who have not done online shopping before, it might be quite daunting but it is actually easy.

There are many shops online and some are not safe, so the first thing you need to know is that you shouldn’t just go to any website and put in your information. So it is always better to use established stores or the online stores of traditional stores. Be sure of their website.

  • When you visit the website, they all have an option for search and even at the menu; there are different categories of what they sell e.g., home appliance, gadgets and so on. Search for the product you want to buy.
  • Read the product details carefully and look at the picture to be sure that is what you want. If it clothing, make sure you know the size beforehand because you don’t have the option of trying out before you buy.
  • Then go to check out. At check out, you will be given payment options to choose from. Some stores include pay at delivery and some don’t. If you don’t have an account with them earlier, you will be prompted to get one. Your personal information will be required to open an account. Then you can choose your payment option and wait for your goods to come to you.

How to Shop Online Safely

Due to the increasing rate of cybercrime, you need to know how to shop safely.

  • Shop at trusted online stores. Many of the established stores have online stores, so you can try them instead.
  • And if for any reason you want to shop at an unfamiliar store, read everything, especially their privacy policy, watch out for the kind of information you are asked to give out and research their reputation.
  • Be careful of what looks too good to be true. Usually, that is the case.
  • Go for credit cards that have online fraud protection. These protections will return your money if you are defrauded.
  • Monitor your bank statement regularly and carefully.
  • Don’t shop with public WiFi or with a public computer where you have to enter your details.
  • Use difficult password
  • Be careful with sites that ask for too much information. All they need is card information, address and phone number.

 Online shopping offers a huge convenience for everyone. Take advantage of this but remember to stay safe always.




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