If you are a fashionista, then you will know that one of the ways to complete your outfit is to wear good pair of shoes

It is well-known fact that many women love shoes. There are, of course, women who do not care what they wear on their feet.

But there are a high percentage of women that want their shoe game to be tight. They expect that their shoes align and make the rest of their dressing as lovely as they want it to.

Shoes, like every other accessory, have to be stored and arranged properly if you want to enjoy them. They could wear and tear if they are not stored properly.

Also, especially if you have a large number, if not arranged properly, they could take up all your closet space or look cluttered, giving your closet or room an unappealing look.

There different tips that you can follow to store, arrange and keep your shoes from wear and tear.

Wire racks always seem like a good option for women to store and arrange their but if you can do without them, then it is better to avoid them. There are really not the best ideas out there.

One thing is that they always get in the way of your clothes because of the wires and if you own a lot of shoes, then they won’t do. And even if you decide to use them, then it might be better to use them with flat shoes because the heels get stuck between the wires. It could damage the leather of the heels and also amount to waste of time trying to get them out of the wires.

Another idea women usually go for that is not good for shoes is the floor. Due to the fact that you want extra closet space for your clothes, you might think putting your shoes on the floor is a good idea but it is not.

It is harder to find your shoes when they are on the floor and in finding a shoe, you are likely to keep moving them on top of each other, which is not good for the shoes.

They could wear and tear from that. It is safer, if you insist to go with the floor, to arrange them properly in the order of the shoe you wear more to the shoe you wear least.

And as mentioned above, no matter how you decide to store your shoes, it is important to arrange them based on what you wear most and what you wear least.

The shoes you are likely to wear out everyday should be closer and those you pull out for a party or dinner, can be put farther. This will save you so much time finding your shoes as well as keep your shoes in good conditions.

Try to make your shoes as visible as possible, so you don’t keep wearing some and neglect others that you could also wear.

Keeping them visible will make you know your options as well as help you make more informed decisions.

So, if you want to store them in boxes, get visible and see-through boxes that will make it clear for you to see the shoes. You can also get a shoe bin for this. Although, it cannot store boots because of the space, it works well with other shoes and it is transparent.

But if you cannot go with that and you want to use the boxes they came with, you could take a picture of the shoe and attach the front of the shoe. That way, you can identify which box is for which. Another thing you can do is arrange each of a pair front and back.

That is, place one of the pair to face the front and the other to face the back – this is especially if you are arranging them in shelves or racks. The point of this is to help you see the front and the back, so you can make a decision on what shoe goes with what you are wearing.

If you are a lover of shoe and enjoy collecting shoes.

A time might come when there won’t be space in your closet and anything else will just clutter your closet.

At that point, you should invest in shoe storage to keep shoes you don’t usually wear, so there can be space for the ones you usually wear in your closet and also help you avoid clutter.

 The top shelf of your closet is a good place to store shoes, especially shoes that you only wear occasionally, probably high heels. They are likely worn when you have an occasion to attend.

You can also get shoe organizer for your everyday casual shoes and hang them to your closet doors.

Sneakers can be in a basket if you are running low on space. They are built with the ability to withstand a little more stress than others.

Boots usually take so much space because of how long it is. So when you arrange it on a shelf, keep it upward and not slanted. You can keep it upward by sticking a newspaper or magazine in it to keep it in shape.

Sandals can be arranged on so-it-yourself hangars. You can make the hangar yourself; all you need are wire hangers and pliers. Remove the bottom rung, then use the pliers to twist the ends and make them into curved hooks and you have your sandal hangers that you can hang your sandals on.

And to clean your leather or suede shoes, try to stay away from water and soap, they do not look good for your shoes. Suede shoes are even more water-intolerant, so you should let them mix if you want your shoes to remain in good shape for a long time. Use a polish, instead for leather shoes; a polish will keep your shoes shiny without needing water. You might need to clean with a dry cloth first if they are dusty before applying polish. And use talcum powder for your suede shoes, not water or polish.

Shoes are precious, especially to women and if you want to enjoy them, you have to take care of them.


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