It is an online loyalty bonus site and a market place.
A merchant is someone that sells products and services on the site.
A customer is someone who pays for a product or service on the site
Two weeks from the date of delivery of the product or service
It must be a factory error.
These are discounts given to very constant users of the site.
This is scans that are used at identifying your bonuses
You report to Loyal bonus headquarters by sending a mail to info@loyalbonus.com
By using the QR scan and by following the regulations as stipulated by the merchant
Merchant onboarding is the orientation process given to the merchant before trading on the site.
Shipping fees are the charges collected by the logistics company to ship a certain product. *rates might differ based on region
These are the logistics charges that are associated with the delivery of the product
These are the monthly subscription the subscriber pay to continue their usage of the LoyalBonus site